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Being Superior on technical fronts and strong after sales service provided to the products, we keep on receiving import inquiries from various countries for their customized or regular requirements. we also take an equal interest in new developing technologies abroad and hence keep an eye on technology driven companies for potential tie-ups and collaborations

Based in ahmedabad with a multi facility manufacturing premises stretching to land owned by the company, with well-constructed area and another is covered by a tabular structure. Our group has diversified business interests in engineering, tyre and tabular trading, automobiles, marketing and real estate and also owns seven well-located business establishment in ahmedabad.

Equipped with skill manpower, our expert staff, including qualified engineers and skilled workers, is headed by an experienced, dedicated managerial team. Our company is filled with commited and accomplished work force.

We have always belived in bringing the products with state of art technology and engineering precision to our valued customers. hence, we continuously strive to design unique and novel products. our innovativeness has given us cutting edge over our competitors , thereby enabling "Maruti Sales Corporation" to emerge as the undisputed leader in our chosen field.

Vision And Mission

To be the pioneer and the top indian brand with unmathed quality and technology leadership offering total environmental solution and playground equipments requirements for specific customer needs under one roof.

To be perceived as a unique, high-efficient, fast-response, innovative, customer oriented company which is known around the globe for its unmathed level of excellence.


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